Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor for 2 hours

Thursday morning I was in a tired fog as I drove into our neighborhood Meijer. As I got out of the car, I decided to put my gym bag in the trunk. As I slammed the trunk door shut I realized...I was holding on to my gym bag and my purse is now locked in the trunk.

With my keys

With my cell phone

With my wallet


Anyway I thought - no problem just ask to use the phone at the front desk. For some reason the lines don't call out and so we had to track down a phone that called out. The lady was really nice and patient considering she had to babysit me calling like a bunch of numbers and no one was picking up. I can't describe how terribly alone I felt.

I leave a desperate message on my hubby's cell - but he is not answering.

Luckily, I am a couple miles away from his work so I can walk.
The other lady manning the front desk lets me leave my stuff there but is concerned that it is too cold for me to be walking in nothing more than a sweater - I tell her that I am fine but she offers her coat. I am like - there is no way I am taking her coat- she might need it. But she says she is there all day.

As I walk away being super conscious that I am walking past all these drivers- do they think I am homeless- a weirdo walking down roads that are not normal for casual walkers. But more than that I thought of the coat and was ashamed.

The thought would have never never never crossed my head to look at a stranger - assess that they are in need of a coat and give them mine. I might have given my friend a coat to borrow if I knew it was coming back- this lady had no way to know I would come back. More than that she made me feel like an equal- she didn't condescend to me. Both ladies at Meijer were super kind.

Finally my husband and I met up - he took me to unlock the trunk - coat returned and all was fine.

As I was finally checking out with my groceries, I heard another customer yelling at one of the ladies who had helped me. I was even more amazed at this kindness from strangers when I thought about how much junk they put up with from customers daily.

I found God in the face and help of strangers that day.


Tracey said...

God is good. Through this unannounced fire drill you were able to experience God's grace while feeling alone. God showed that grace through other people. You do the same thing for people.

God is good. And so are you!

Anonymous said...

Wow. The woman at Meijer is what I aspire to be. I had a similar experience when I had my purse stolen a month ago... and realized how "Stuff" dependent I am.
Brenda Howard