Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Good Cause?

We hear that slogan shot around like a puck in table hockey. Help out - it’s for a “good cause.”

What makes it a "good cause"? Because it's doing good or because it makes us feel good?

We all have limited funds. There are so many causes doing good? Where do we start?

Mission of organization – what is their mission statement. What is their goal?

Financial Integrity – money goes where they say it goes

Low overhead costs – small percentage goes to running the business – most goes directly to the work at hand.

Flexibility of organization to adapt with changing world – is it an outdated business model or is there a strong web-presence, embrace of technology, striving to reach new volunteers/members, and a fresh leading of the holy spirit?

Leadership structure of organization – is it the boss from the top or a group effort?

Personal Integrity – from the CEO, marketing VP, to the worker on the field

Centrality of Christ – it is easy to put the “good cause” in the center instead of Christ.

Sub-causes – Does this charity have links, ties, or take substantial donations from political parties, lobbying groups, or major corporations such as pharmacuitical companies, media groups, pro-abortion, or other causes?

Reputation – Word on the street value

Well managed – organized, professional, returns calls promptly

How to find out? – What is a charity's financial transparency rating? (charitynavigators.org, wallwatchers.org)

How is their financial efficiency? (wallwatchers.org)

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