Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's right with the Church?

"What's right with the church?" was the question of the day on Chris Fabry Live! radio show for Tuesday July 1st.

Sometimes living with the passion for helping the poor can leave me a bit cynical, so that kind of a question is good for my thinking.

Imagine my surprise when over and over many calls were about social justice! I had expected the usual answers of worship, sermon, classes, programs, etc.

What I got was instead:
A bus ministry of 30 years to inner city youth, a roof replaced, a man on disability who was given meals for a month, a workday in the local community- all worked out with in context of the local church.

The joy and excitement of the callers were contagious.

The picture above is taken in Christ's Church Cathedral in Oxford, England. The beautiful structure of the building is made visible by the light streaming in from the windows. The beauty of the church is made visible by the acts of love in service.

What is right with the church? Sacrificial Love

What is right with your church? Leave your comments below.


Chris Fabry said...

Great thoughts about the program! Thanks for spreading the message that God is alive and well and working through his people.
Chris Fabry

Heather@Mommymonk said...

What a wonderful surprise! People see Jesus in us when we live like He did.