Monday, July 20, 2009

Story of Stuff

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Do you ever stop and think about where your stuff comes from? Where do all the little pieces of the computer keyboard originate? The eggs I had for breakfast, the clothes I am wearing right now?

There is a very interesting video about stuff and our alarming rate of consumption. Annie has studied this in depth for a decade and says that the production of stuff is linear, yet we have a finite space to store it in. Break that down - we all have only so much space. She is worried on an ecological/economic level.

I worry more on a spiritual level -holding on to too much stuff is the opposite of a generous - giving spirit - it is greed, coveting, envy, and hoarding. This affects our willingness to give and to relate to those in poverty. The dumping grounds for hazardous waste affect those the hardest in the poorest countries.

Check out the full story of stuff video at

Also check out this link to 100 things.

The author is trying to pare down in his life to only own 100 things and is blogging about his journey. I think I have more than 100 books...

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~sharyn said...

A hundred things, huh? Wow, that sure would simplify my life. Maybe I should start with getting rid of 100 things before I move in September.

So, how are you? How are the book/contract/negotiations coming?

Miss you & God bless,