Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"2 Whole Tables..."

Aaron and I were working the Denver and the Mile High Orchestra concert this past Sunday in Avon, IN. (Happy Birthday, Aaron) There were 2 concerts and we saw 40 Compassion International Child sponsorships just in the first concert!

One little boy was walking with his mom to the table and asked my husband about the pictures of the children. Aaron told him it was to help boys and girls who don't have all the things that they need.

As the family was leaving the table the boy looked up and realized that the packets we had spanned two tables (80 packets). He said incredulously, "Look they fill two whole tables!" The little boy was astonished that there were that many kids who lacked basic necessities, unaware of the millions of children these faces represent that lack basic necessities.

I hope I will never see the statistics of child poverty as cold facts but will remain astonished that poverty is something that in the face of the love of Christ and the work of the church should have it's place in this world.

Help change the life of one child today. (www.compassion.com)

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