Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help for Single Mom and Kids

Last Friday night I found myself sorting books and toys. Lots and lots of books and toys.

A local church opened up their doors to a single mom. She was needing to clean out their house that had contained the remnants of the lives of 2 adults and 6 kids. November weather is iffy in Indiana at best. So this church opened up it's meeting hall area supplied lots of tables and some of the men on staff along with her neighbors, co-workers, and friends helped load up her stuff, sort it, organize it into areas and price it.

I was blown away at the 20+ people coming together to get so much done. She said more were coming on Saturday to help man the sale. I mentioned to her during a dinner break how loved she was. She said "yes", and started to cry looking around at all the help and support she had.

The answer isn't always to join a committee, organization, or group. Sometimes what means the most is just being available to live life together.

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