Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gift of time

(from Jessica)

In lieu of gifts, each year my sister takes her kids on a family vacation. Instead of running around spending too much, stressing with the other shoppers, her whole family looks forward to a relaxing time enjoying each other.

One year it is a ski trip, the next, a few days on the beach in FLA. Her kids, now in their 20s, still remember every Christmas trip they took. I know I'll not remember what color scarf I got for Christmas 10 years ago, but the memories they have made together will last their lifetime.

No matter what you do, the family should spend this time together. It ends up being a gift of time to each other and a valuable life lesson to remember what giving is all about...

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Elsa said...

You are right!! The time enjoyed during family vacation trip is the most precious time of anybody's life.