Monday, January 5, 2009

Clean Sweep for 2009

How much stuff is enough?

Can I pare down?

My husband has been helping some family members move. And it got me remembering my moving days - the shock of seeing everything I own in boxes and thinking, "Where did all this come from?" In college, everything I owned fit into a mid-size sedan...not anymore.

What's the big deal how much we own?

Well it's what owns us - our time, our resources, our hearts.

Besides my obsession with Goodwill - (getting rid of stuff, not more shopping)

My best tip for 2009 is to fire up the scanner. My tendency is to drown in a pile of papers. It has been so freeing to lose the unnecessary files, journals, business papers, etc. I'm not done yet. But doing a little each time I do the bills sure helps.

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