Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Guide...A Good start

What's really in the products we buy? Just turn to the list of ingredients. What? I would need a bio-chem degree to decipher all that stuff. Researchers at Good Guide are trying to make it a little clearer.

Search for the products you use daily like deodorant, cleaning supplies, and children's toys and see how safe they are for use. Also see how fairly these companies treat their employees.

Good guide is a little more clear and informative than better world shopping guide .

One of my favorite features is the political contributions category. See quickly where these companies stand.

We still need to be savvy shoppers and click to see why the product is ranked #1. Some of the "great" healthy and green products help finance causes I am so against. How do I sort this out? I don't know. Christians need to be leaders in engineering healthy, socially responsible products.

It's a great start.. good job... good guide

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