Friday, March 6, 2009

Garden for Good

Fresh, healthy, sustainable, and local food might seem an unlikely justice issue. But unbalanced food production cycles directly contribute to the hunger and poverty in our world.

What if you could save your family $ on your groceries and have some to share with local food pantries that desperately need fresh produce?

March is a great month to start indoor seeds for a garden. In the past I have struggled with my garden. Not too much space, lack of equipment, and badly timed plantings.

Yesterday I sat down with a new friend Sara, who helped sort things out.

Time to begin seeds indoor for the garden? Now
How do I start to plan out my garden? Visit Square foot gardening to find out.
I only have a small space? That's OK
Do I need large equipment for a small garden? No

Websites to visit:
Seeds of change
Baker's Heirloom Seeds
Grace Garden
Square foot gardening


1 comment:

Curtis Honeycutt said...

Love this site...I found it from the Grace Garden blog. I write a blog called Just Wallpaper and am good friends with Sara and Grant.

I'm loving your posts!