Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experiment Shopping Commences

One of the most disturbing bits of research I found was on a store that I have shopped at for years - Wal-mart. From unethical treatment to workers in the US, to sweatshops overseas, to irresponsible acts against our environment - last week I had seen one fact too many. Can I do it? Could I break my familiarity and calculate total costs to myself and others not just the ticket price?

First week so good - I generally shop at TJoes and Walmart. I replaced my Walmart purchases with Meijer only. I was surprised to see a very similar cost at the end. The Meijer purchases that were on sale balanced out the goods at a slightly higher price! YEAH!

I hope someday that Wal-mart changes it's ways. It can happen. I have seen research that other companies have done it. Can I change my ways.... stay tuned.

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