Monday, June 22, 2009

Mercy Rain

Indiana has seen more than its normal fare of rain this June. In our community garden we think about the water needed for our plot share. Every bit is precious and necessary to life. The abundance of regular rain means that I don't have to lug gallons from the tank and refill what I have used. The rain is like mercy -something I don't deserve - abundant and free.

Sometimes there are other reminders to be merciful that hit me upside the head - when others withhold that life-giving mercy from me. The last two weeks have been an exhausting struggle - difficult and life-draining - that could have been avoided with a little mercy.

The pain recalls an age-old lesson.

Am I really remembering to show mercy to others?

Do I choose to think that others are doing their best even if they mess up and that mess affects me?

Do I love them because they agree with me and make choices that look just like mine?

Is it easier to work for mercy overseas to someone I don't know, while I overlook chances to be merciful to those around me?

I struggle to find that courage - that says you can be yourself around me - no matter what.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy (Matt 5).

(pix-ARobinson photos)

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