Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Go Local - Indy Area

Last Sunday I visited Cuppy's Coffee in the Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, IN. (13170 Harrell Pkwy, Noblesville, IN 317-770-9386)

I met the owner, Roy, who gave me a tour and some details about the business.

Is this a local business?

Yes, Although Cuppy's started as a franchise, each is owned and operated separately now as the franchise has dissolved.

What makes your store unique?

We not only are a local store but support other local business including Harvest Cafe Roasters and The Classic Cheesecake Company.

We also have featured live music on Thursday nights.

The shop is centrally located - we have indoor and outdoor seating. The shop is next to the main children's play area.

What foods do you serve?
Coffee, Fine Teas, Smoothies, Artisan Gelato (Italian Ice cream), Gourmet Desserts, Breakfast and Lunch (Catering Available)

What are your specialties?

We serve high quality food. Our artisan gelato is lower in sugar than ice cream and is hormone free, and flavors are rotated.

Our espresso is not a Seattle blend but Italian. We do french press and customized coffee blends.

Customer picks:
(Sue) iced coffee, Turkish roast Gelato
(Yolanda) Mango Sorbet, Carmel Mocha
(Me) Strawberry Smoothie

Let me know if you know a small business that you would like featured in an upcoming spotlight (looking for other parts of the nation as well).

(ARobinson photo)

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sara said...

YAY! Love this idea, Amber. Be sure to check out Noble Coffee and Tea in downtown Noblesville. It's a lovely spot to spend a morning (or the whole day!).