Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Common Ground MOPS

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to a fabulous group of moms who are fired up about doing what they can to give back to their community. They were very kind and welcoming and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from them. They had lots of great ideas they shared with me about what they do as moms to not only give of themselves but involve their children and train their children to be givers.

Here are some of their great ideas of what they do:
1. Buy school supplies for needy kids
2. Take a homeless person out to eat so you can listen to their story and share the hope of Christ with them
3. Cleaning out toys with her daughter to get her excited about sharing and giving them to needy kids
4. Meet your real neighbor next door, be vulnerable enough so you can know them well enough to meet their real needs.
5. Foster parenting/adoption
6. Not for sale, charity water
7. Project Linus
8. Family service projects with the Lions Club
9. Mentoring/Tutoring
10. Local shelters - Julian Center
11. Food for Shepherd Community
12. McDonald bucks to give to the homeless instead of $ that can be used for drugs/alcohol
13. Volunteer in the community
14. Servlife, friends of wfp,
15. Justice kitchen - learning to buy local, etc.

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