Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Observing Oct 17th

Oct 17th is as an international day to promote awareness to end extreme poverty I was excited to take part.

I printed off ribbons for Aaron and I, looked up observances near me- then I remembered that we were scheduled to hang out with friends at the Sarah Palin rally.

Well I thought - it's different but it certainly will raise awareness. So Aaron and I put on our anti-poverty shirts from Compassion International, donned our ribbons and were interested to see what happened.

We got some funny looks from people. One guy actually stopped Aaron and asked about his shirt. I wonder if people thought we were going to start protesting.

But the kingdom of God isn't about the kingdom of man. We don't endorse any of the candidates. And honestly were out of place in the frenzied crowd. Many of our friends are voting for this candidate or that one because their stand on ______ (fill in the blank).

What I want to know is if you believe in _________(fill in the blank). What will YOU do in 2009 about _________to change your world?

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