Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie and Book picks for summer

I recently had the sick feeling from feeding on too much junk. Not food, but media - whatever popped onto my television, radio, or news feed. As I try to feast my mind on better things, here is what I have found recently.

The Princess and the Goblin, George McDonald
A classic author writes an excellent children's book that is good enough for adults to enjoy as well. As the Goblins threaten the kingdom the brave peasant boy miner unravels a sinister plot. Will the princess make the right decisions along the way and does the kindgom stand in the end?

The Business of Heaven, C.S. Lewis
Daily snipets from the best of C.S. Lewis' writings. I can't believe how relevant C.S. Lewis is even today.

Up! (in theaters)
I was really suprised that beyond the excellent animation were two main characters that weren't in love, good looking, or shallow. The depth of the story line and the question about friendship, family, and keeping promises are packed with adventure and comedy.

Faith like Potatoes (DVD)
Although the action was a little slow (needed better editing). This story based on a real life community asks what will you do when you hear God tell you to do something but the rest of the people in your life aren't so sure. Was it God or was it all in your head?


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trixie said...

Amber, thanks for these picks. I'm going to check them out.