Monday, June 1, 2009

The real sisterhood of your traveling pants

Loved the first traveling pants movie. I loved the story of friendship and the adventures the girls had sharing the jeans.

Did you know your jeans have a story too? People who make the jeans, package the jeans, and suppliers who get them to the store? Unfortunately that story often wouldn't be a light romantic comedy but something in the horror genre.

As our jeans recently saw us through the Memorial Day weekend with fun, laughs,and barbecues, depending on where we bought ours it may have contributed to:

Amelita, a married factory worker who sees her four children one week a year. She and her husband work 12 hour days and send 70% of their pay to support their children.

Beatings, verbal insult, and sexual harassment to women factory workers in Bangladesh, the norm, not the exception.

Mock childcare centers in factories only used when auditors or inspectors are visiting.

Unpaid wages, forced overtime, and unsafe conditions.

(read the full stories at clean clothes campaign website)

As our jeans will travel with us through summer fun times with family or friends, let's purchase jeans and other products from stores that won't cause a nightmare to another family.


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