Wednesday, August 19, 2009

World Humanitarian Day - Do Something

Today (August 19th) is World Humanitarian Day established in 2003 to remember those who lost their lives working around the world to help others.

We often forget that those who go in and feed a village, dig a well, or educate others are putting their safety and sometimes their lives on the line.

These educators, doctors, and community developers are motivated often by deep waters of faith. Some are killed or imprisoned in countries where freedom of religion does not exist.

Got 5 minutes?
Got a stamp?

Send a letter to someone imprisoned overseas.

1) Choose a few phrases
2) Let the computer translate it.
3) Print
3) Send letter to the prisoner, their family, or government

Each letter sent helps draw attention to human rights violations and often pressures the authorities to release prisoners unjustly treated.

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