Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cars + Clunkers + Donate = Smile

Our little car held together - sparking, hissing, squealing. We loved her through our last decade of life and hated to see her go. We knew she went out in a blaze of glory when the dealer wouldn't even take her *for free*.

What to do? Find someone to tow her away.

Check list.
1. Get a tax-deduction for car donation.
2. Sort through internet scams
3. Flip through random charities - dog grooming, non-profits?
4. Found Cars 4 Causes
5. 30% of donation goes to Cars4Causes' educational initiative, 70% to charity of my choice (a legit one).
6. Tow company calls me for pick up date
7. Got receipt from Cars4Causes
8. Smile


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