Monday, April 5, 2010

Anti-Trafficking events

Last year I was working on the Mercy Rising book project and came across an almost unbelievable story of a family who lives in East Asia. The parents both work all day and all night in sweat shops while their children live with their grandparents. Both parents send almost all their money to their family to keep them all alive. What haunts me most is that the parents get to see their children one day a year. On Easter.

This stuff shouldn't happen - how can we make it stop? Besides changing our purchases, find out more at these great events.

"Break the Chains of Human Trafficking", is a student-led community-wide event held in Marion, Indiana on April 10, 2010. In addition to bands, food, and other entertainment, including the DK Bicycles world class BMX stunt team, they are hosting former George W. Bush Senior Advisor, Laura Lederer. The Mercy Rising book tour will be there. I hope to see you as well.

Other anti-trafficking events:
Call and Response
4/10/2010 Berkeley, CA
4/12/2010 Greenwood Village, CO
4/14/2010 Cheboygan, MI
4/15/2010 Hammond, IN
4/14/2010 Durham, NC
4/14/2010 Wilmington, NC
4/16/2010 Chapel Hill, NC
4/22/2010 Spokane, WA
4/23/2010 Redwood City, CA
4/24/2010 Lac La Biche, CANADA
4/24/2010 Edmonton, CANADA
4/24/2010 Calgary, CANADA
5/4/2010 Missoula, MT
5/5/2010 Palatine, IL
5/16/2010 San Rafael, CA
5/22/2010 Beaverton, WA
5/22/2010 Danville, CA
5/22/2010 London, UK
5/23/2010 Pompano Beach, FL
6/4/2010 San Jose, CA

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Lloyd said...

This is such a heartbreaking story that seems to be growing day by day in the world. May God have mercy on our souls if we put our heads in the sand and pretend that it does not happen. Thank you so much for your blog. God bless, Lloyd